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How long does it take to create a website?

This depends on the scope of the project, however from the beginning of the project and payment of deposit to final delivery, most websites take around 4-6 weeks to finalise on average. It can be achieved in as little as 2 weeks, or it can stretch on for several months if it’s a huge site with complex requirements. Whatever your deadline, I aim to work in with your schedule so feel free to ask about achievable timeframes when requesting a quote.

Are your websites based on templates?

No, we don’t believe in using templates, as we feel that every website should be its own unique creation. Every website we design is personally created and coded from scratch.

Is it better to design your website first, or create copy first?

Ideally, we will commence your website when your branding is finished, and your choice of ideal images and copy is all lined up. In this scenario, I can proceed with design with all assets ready to go and the process will be faster. However, I’m happy to work with you at any stage of the process, and many of my clients come to me for design first, before they finalise copy and imagery.

When designing a website, what causes the biggest delays?

We produce outstanding work for clients who are proactively involved in the process, who have a clear understanding of their business and have the drive to be the best in their industry… If this is you, then we will be a great partnership! Generally, waiting on the client to come back with assets – such as copy, content and images – is often responsible for the longest delays when designing and developing a website. This can prove challenging if the images and copy, when eventually supplied, don’t fit with the existing design, and require revisions to the design, prompting further delays.

Once the client provides materials, what is the average turnaround time?

After you have supplied content such as copy and images, the turnaround is ideally 5-10 business days, depending on scheduling.

What support to provide once the website is live?

In our experience, it generally takes around 30 days once a website has gone live for user-feedback to uncover any adjustments, and allow us to iron out any issues that may arise. It’s always a good idea to ask your friends and family to test the site once live to fast-track this process! We are happy to offer 30 days of unlimited complimentary support once your site has gone live, to ensure any adjustments are rectified.

What is your monthly maintenance package?

Websites are “live beasts”, which means they require constant maintenance and monitoring to ensure they’re performing at an optimal level. Ideally, all clients should have some sort of maintenance package, because if your site sits dormant for 12 months or more, it will likely miss out on installing essential updates and upgrades, which can become a complex mess to fix.

For an affordable monthly fee, we will manage your website monitoring on your behalf. This will include backing up everything to our server, updating plugins, attending to any ‘bugs’ and generally ensuring your website performs smoothly. This fee includes one hour of email support; you can email me with any issues and I’ll take care of it for you. The fee for this service is from $49.95 per website, per month, ex GST.

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what clients have to say

Australian Gourmet Gifts

I have worked with other web designers before but was never satisfied with the end result. From start to finish my interaction with Danielle was professional, stress-free and I had complete trust in their ability to deliver.

Their difference is :

  1. RW don't use templates as standard, they are custom built to match my vision and bespoked to my needs.
  2. RW took the time to listen to what I wanted but also brought their own ideas, experience and creativity so that the end design was more rounded.
  3. RW understood that I needed to see things in a visual context and have some flexibility to 'play' around with a few ideas.
  4. Danielle took the lead on my website and was exceptional - communication was constant and quick, they explained in terms I could easily understand and they made the whole process so easy it was a pleasure to work with them both.

Thank you for a great customer experience and fantastic end result website!

Oliver & Andrew



Danielle & the team at RobertsonWeb are brilliant.

Right from development to launching & still to this day our business has been provided with consistent quality service & overseas support when we’ve needed.

We recommend RobertsonWeb Design!

Chris ‘Fizz’ Hansford


Empower Counselling & Coaching Services

RobertsonWeb did an amazing job with developing my website in consultation with my web designer Megan from Happy Splat.

Danielle responded promptly, was very professional and patient as I was not very knowledgeable about website development. The entire process was seamlessly executed.  

I will most certainly recommend RobertsonWeb to business associates, friends and family.


Pamela Chetty


Image Realty

Working with Danielle at RobertsonWeb has been a very easy process from start to finish. We have worked with RW for over a year now across multiple projects including a whole new custom website build, promotions & general website maintenance. RobertsonWeb skills are fantastic and we love Danielle's work.


Jace Roach


Immanuel Lutheran College

I thoroughly enjoyed working with RW Digital Design and Development. Danielle’s professionalism and expertise made what was a complex project a lot easier due to RWs extensive knowledge of web design, graphic design and coding.

It was a relief knowing that RobertsonWeb understood the many layers to our project and while complicated, they remained true to our brand.

Thank you, Danielle, for your outstanding effort.


Fiona Christie