Technology for a sustainable world

Improve productivity and achieve business goals

Person interacting with virtual reality

Improving sustainable outcomes

Customers are leveraging automation to create net-zero energy buildings, develop smart cities, and streamline more efficient yet green manufacturing – affordably and at scale.

Example of green building design (The Porter School of Environmental Studies - West Façade)

The Porter School of Environmental Studies - West Façade.

Green building

Building Information Modeling (BIM), including energy analysis and daylighting, is crucial to advancing green building design and achieving a low-carbon future.

Image courtesy of Geotectura / Axelrod-Grobman Architects / NCA / Assa Aharoni Consulting Engineers. Photographer: Joseph Cory 

Generic city skyline at night with a layer of interconnected, geometric lines

Smart, sustainable cities

Connect a city’s entire infrastructure using advanced information and communication technology (ICT) to solve traffic, environmental, and housing problems.

Person interacting with JPL lander

Sustainable manufacturing

Reducing material and energy use throughout the manufacturing lifecycle isn’t just good for the planet. It can also help lower costs and improve the bottom line.

Building more sustainable surfboards through circular design

Circular design

Automation and AI (artificial intelligence) can help you create better designs, select better materials, and better manage your data.

Image courtesy of Lamina Flow

  • Helping you do more, with less negative impact

    Forge tools help companies build applications that capitalize on BIM or engineering model data to improve sustainable outcomes.

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Person snorkeling down into a reef

Technology Impact Program

Autodesk donates software to nonprofits and  startups using design for environmental or social good. Experience the power of 3D design, engineering, visualization, and simulation tools and amplify your impact on the world.

Image courtesy of Hyrdous

Stories that inspire

  • Exterior and facade of a building (at the new Dell Medical School at The University of Texas at Austin)


    Meeting AIA 2030 goals

    Architecture and engineering firm, Page, now quickly and accurately models building performance for more projects in the earliest stages.

    Image courtesy of PAGE

  • People working on design of Airbus aircraft


    Reimaging the future of air travel

    Using technologies like generative design and 3D printing, Airbus engineers created an incredibly strong yet lightweight cabin partition.

    Image courtesy of Airbus

Learning resources

Our comprehensive online resources for professionals, students, and educators teach the principles and practice of sustainable design using our technology.

Find tutorials, documentation, downloads, and articles. Troubleshoot and tap into knowledge shared by our customers and experts.

Students and educators can access free design software, along with self-paced courses, guided webinars, tutorials, class projects, and more.

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